Introducing the Newtown Firearms Heavy-Mass Billet Carbine

Complete with NFM SMAART Weapons System

Our story... in two sentences

Established 2003 on Newtown Road, Placerville, CA and now settled in Siler City, NC, Newtown Firearms is a custom rifle manufacturer focused on increasing overall performance of the AR platform. Our rifles are best-in-industry and proudly made in North Carolina.

NFM SMAART Weapons System

Newtown Firearms NFM SMAART Weapons System
With 65-position tuning capabilities, the NFM SMAART Weapons System allows shooters to make adjustments not only for atmospheric conditions but for variances across ammunition suppliers.
  • Universal gas piston system with one-piece carrier
  • Infinitely adjustable to any pressure level
  • 65-position adjustable knob
  • Available in PVD and DLC coatings